Liquid Cooling


Optimized Liquid Cooling,
Wide Open Possibilities

Mikros microchannels can be easily configured to cool complex component geometries and layouts. Our Normal Flow™ technology provides uniform coolant distribution and can also be tailored to eliminate temperature gradients over large and small assemblies with varying heat flux.

Mikros Microchannel Applications

  • Computing Rack

  • Semiconductor Testing

  • Electric Vehicle Cooling

  • Control Board

  • Satellite Power

  • Microchip Verification


Mikros microchannel liquid cooling can increase system efficiency and reliability in markets like:

High Power Computing

Laser Diodes

Radiation Beam Receivers

Data Centers


Semiconductor Testing

Rail Traction


High Power LEDs

Electric Vehicle Traction

Concentrated Solar Receivers

COVID-19 Update March 31, 2020: Mikros has been approved by the state of New Hampshire as an essential business and continues its production and development operations in a reduced capacity. The safety of our team is paramount; we have implemented CDC guidelines to reduce health risks to our workforce and serve our clients as safely as possible.